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Our Vision is to make safety & health and instinctive culture. Well-being and safe, sustainable living is everybody's responsibility. Light gives energy. Light is life. When you think of life on this planet- plants, animals, humans- they are all impacted by light and the cycle of the sun.
Light is the oldest input, and a significant nutrient for biological functions throughout the web of life.
Our sun is the most powerful producer of UVC light, supporting the rhythms and circle of life as we know it.
PBI Ultra's approach is making UVC disinfection technologies accessible to organizations & environments with any size budget- for the places you live, work and play. Part of the PBI Safety Group, we are a 100% New Zealand owned & operated family business. Now celebrating over 20 years of market leadership in safety & health solutions in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.
Come with us on a journey to harness the germ-killing power of ultraviolet light and other next-generation disinfection technologies, to create healthier spaces where we live, work, and play everyday.