PBI Ultra UVC Sanitization Sunlight Sky
Over 140 years ago Downes & Blunt discovered the antibacterial effects of sunlight. They determined that shorter wavelengths of the solar spectrum were more effective at neutralizing bacteria. It is now widely known that there are substantial germicidal and anti-bacterial effects from UV-C, UV-B, and UV-A light spectrums.

Light is comprised of different wavelengths, each with their own unique properties. The germicidal properties of ultraviolet (UV) light, part of the non-visible spectrum, can be harnessed to effectively sanitize the air, water and surfaces. At the appropriate wavelength and fluence (dose), exposure to ultraviolet light modifies or destroys the genetic material (DNA and RNA) in viruses, bacteria and mold, preventing replication.

PBI Ultra with DNA broken image

PBI Ultra's air and surface sanitizing products employ various combinations of UV light and filtration to inactivate pathogens, including Far UV-C (200-230nm) which is safe for human exposure, UV-C (231-280nm), UVB and UV-A (365nm).

PBI Ultra UVC diagram


  • Protects against airborne contamination in shared spaces
  • Chemical-free, no residues, zero environmental impacts
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses from air and surfaces
  • Ideal method to sanitize everyday objects at home & work
  • Reduces sick-leave, improving productivity and saving costs
  • No superbug has ever developed resistance
  • Disinfection cycles are easy to use
  • Improves workflows by decreasing the frequency and intensity of traditional manual cleaning
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Set & forget with smart technology
  • Provides a safe, healthy environment for people to people to live, work and play

Our approach is making UVC disinfection technology accessible to organizations & environments with any size budget.​